Utah State Charter School Board

As the largest authorizer in Utah, the State Charter School Board is working hard to enhance the charter school movement in Utah and is moving in some exciting directions. Our board and staff bring an unwavering dedication to student achievement and an unyielding commitment to ethical and sound business practices. We stand by our values of Students First, Choice, Innovation, Academic Excellence, and Autonomy and Accountability. We are guided by our  mission, advancing choice, innovation, and student success through rigorous authorizing and supportive oversight.


We are committed to building and maintaining positive relationships with our schools through improved communication, functionality and transparency. We are also committed to holding our schools accountable to high quality standards and to annually evaluate the performance of the schools we authorize. As was the focus 25 years ago when this movement first began, we seek autonomy in exchange for accountability. Please join us in our vision that every student has access to an excellent education that meets their unique learning needs.

Charter schools may be authorized by different chartering entities, including local school districts and institutions of higher education. However, the Utah State Charter School Board is the largest authorizer in Utah, authorizing over 90% of charter schools in the state. 

For information on all Utah charter schools, regardless of the authorizer, or information on other authorizers, see the Charter School page on the Utah State Board of Education website

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