Applications (Specific to Operational Schools)


Amendment Requests

Is your school wanting to make changes to the charter that do not involved enrollment?

Enrollment Related Requests

Is your school wanting to make changes to its charter that involves enrollment?

  • Eligibility to Expand or open a Satellite is based on past performance, as measured by performance frameworks and generally accepted standards, as well compliance with the charter contract and state and federal law.

*This process is open to any State Charter School Board (SCSB) authorized school that meets eligibility criteria.  

Which application should I complete?

  • Expansion Application 
    Schools wishing to expand the number of students served or grade levels served. 

  • Satellite Application 
    Schools wishing to open a new school that shares a school board and is significantly similar to the existing entity in educational program, governance structure, and operational practices (formerly replication); or Schools wishing to open a new school that shares a school board but intends to be significantly different than the existing entity in grades served, target market, educational program, and/or operational practices.


What is the timeline for submitting an application?

  • Expansion
    Requests for new students or grades must be received by SCSB staff no later than July 1st for the next school year (e.g., requests for SY 2020 must be submitted before July 1, 2018). Requests are heard at the August SCSB meeting. Expansions requiring land purchases, new facilities, or significant structural changes may choose to submit the application no later than November 1st to be heard at the January SCSB meeting.

  • Satellite 
    Requests Satellite schools must be received by SCSB staff no later than November 1st two years prior to opening (e.g., November 1, 2018 to open Fall 2020). Requests are heard at the January SCSB meeting.


Deadline Disclaimer

Please note that the deadlines for submissions is 5:00 p.m. MT. Applications submitted late will not be accepted. The State Charter School Board is required to enforce the established deadline to ensure fairness to all applicants. We suggest that you submit your application several days before the deadline, and we strongly recommend that you do not wait until the last day to submit your application. An email verifying receipt of the application will be sent by the next business date.

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