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What is the SCSB Art Contest?

The State Charter School Board Student Art Competition is an opportunity to highlight all of the amazing visual artists attending Utah's public charter schools. This is the 2nd annual SCSB Art Competition.  After a successful first year we have brought back the competition with additional guidelines to better support our student artists. 


The theme for the 2nd Annual SCSB Student Art Competition is: 

What I’m Learning

Students are encouraged to artistically represent what they are learning or have learned. 

Interested students should adhere to following guidelines: 

  1. The art competition is only for visual art.  Music, dance, and theater will not be considered.

  2. Only virtual submissions will be accepted.  DO NOT mail or deliver artwork to the State Charter School Board. See below for the submission form. The Springville Museum of Art has produced a great resource to help take the best photograph of your artwork.  (check it out!)

  3. To avoid copyright infringement, only original concepts will be accepted. Students may create their piece in a digital medium, or they may submit a photograph of the piece.  Guidelines and resources for taking photos of artwork can be found below.

Who Can Enter?

This contest is open to any student (k-12) in any of Utah's public charter schools.  Each student is eligible to submit one piece of artwork. 

If a teacher wishes to submit artwork on behalf of students, please contact for instructions.    


Students wishing to enter should complete the following form.  The deadline to submit is Monday, October 30, 2023 at 8:00am.    Winners will be announced as part of the December Board Meeting for the SCSB, and the winning piece will be published on the cover of the  Annual Report that is shared with the public and state leaders.  

Art submissions will be judged by a panel comprising SCSB staff and board members, and leaders within the community. 

Award Categories Include:
Overall Best Piece
Best Piece for K-3
Best Piece for 4-6
Best Piece for Middle School
Best Piece for High School

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