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Charter Employee of the Month


This is Tammy Israelsen. She is the Office Manager at Freedom Prep Academy, for the Provo Elementary Campus. 

Lynne Herring, the Executive Director writes, "Tammy is a very long time employee who has been instrumental in shaping our organization's systems such as lottery, policy, attendance and daily operations.

She is always a mentor, cheerleader, creative artist, advisor and all around coach in many areas of the school.  She is positive, resourceful, dependable, generous and always there for any student, parent, teacher, and colleague.  We call her the Jack of all trades and master of many!

The answer to almost any question is...go ask Tammy. 

She is the glue that holds the ongoing and growing organization together."

Keep up the great work, Ms. Isrealsen!

Sara Welsh Beehive.png

This is Sara Welsh from Beehive Academy. She teaches 6th and 11th grade physics, as well as running the school’s gaming club. 

Vickie Peterson, one of Beehive’s principals writes: “Mrs. Welsh started teaching at Beehive Academy August of 2021, she has created a welcoming and inviting learning environment for her students. Her classroom management skills are over the top. Students love to be in her class not only due to the environment but her delivery of instruction, which is intriguing and engaging. Students, staff, and parents feel really lucky to have her here at Beehive.” An email from the parent of one of Mrs. Welsh’s parents says the following: “My daughter was apprehensive about starting middle school. They weren't sure Mom & Dad had their best interest in mind sending them to a STEM school instead of going to school with their friends. Seven months later, they are interested and involved in their classes, especially Science. Ms. Welsh has been able to connect with LJ and ignited an interest in science that I was unaware of.” The parent continues: “LJ feels respected as an individual. As a parent, I appreciate the time and effort Ms. Welsh puts into her classes. She is interested in what she is teaching, and it makes all the difference.”

Way to go, Ms. Welsh!

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