The State Charter School Board provides mentoring to charter schools by SCSB staff and through a contract with the Utah Association of Public Charter Schools (UAPCS). Mentoring services are offered to all Utah charter schools.

Upcoming mentoring offerings for the 2018-2019 school year:

Individual Mentoring Services-

Charter school administration and governing boards can request specific mentoring services through UAPCS mentors. To request mentoring services please contact Debby Lewellyn at or Joylin Lincoln at

Regional Quarterly Mentoring-

Available to Charter School Board Members and Charter School Administrators throughout the state. All charter school board members and administrators are invited to participate.

Charter School Pre-Operational Workshops-

Charter School Pre-Operational Workshops are focused on topics important to schools during the planning year prior to the school opening. More information and registration can be found below:

Aspiring Charter School Executive Seminars (ACES)- 

ACES is for educators seeking to move into leadership capacities within Utah’s charter school community. ACES will be held at AISU (American International School of Utah – formally the 49th Street Galleria) and will be taught by VitalSmarts Master Trainer, J. Lynn Jones.  This training  is tailored for charter school specific needs.  More information and registration can be found below:

New Administrator Seminars (NAS)-

New Administrator Seminars (NAS) provide hands-on tools and resources that new charter school administrators need.


New Board Member Boot Camp-

New to your board?  Come learn everything you need to know to be a contributing and successful board member for your charter school.  6 part series, Building an Everlasting Board Culture.