Advancing choice, innovation, and student success through rigorous authorizing and supportive oversight.


Every student has access to an excellent education that meets their unique learning needs.

Core Values

Students First

In all decisions, we first and foremost assess the impact on students. We are committed to superior results and engage in practices in which students succeed academically and are prepared for the future.
We provide choice for parents and students and leverage limited resources to provide the best possible education experience for school children.
We foster the development of a vibrant, diverse, and sustainable statewide system of high performing public charter schools that foster innovation and experimentation. We work to share successful charter school educational innovations with other public schools.
Academic Excellence
We are committed to superior academic results and engage in practices that produce the highest quality outcomes in all our endeavors. We are advocates for high quality charter schools. We encourage the growth and expansion of successful, high-performing charter schools and work with low-performing schools to identify and make necessary improvements.
Autonomy and Accountability
We understand that autonomy is an essential requirement for innovation, experimentation, and diverse approaches to educating students. We encourage and support charter school autonomy with accountability and work with schools to ensure that they stay true to their charters. We hold schools accountable for the education of their students and their stewardship of public funds.
By January 2022, one or more Utah State Charter School Board members or USCSB staff members will have met with 100% of schools.
From September 2020 to January 2022, 50% of charter governing board members will be trained on expectations of governing board members and effective school governance.
By the end of SY2023, all charter LEAs authorized by the SCSB will have
Schools not meeting these goals will be placed on Warning or Probation.
By March 2021, an innovations survey of all Utah charter schools will have been created, conducted, and received a 50% response rate. These survey data, the foundation for a future Innovation plan, will be analyzed and presented to the Utah State Charter School Board Innovations Committee who will then present to the Utah State Charter School Board by July 2021.

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