How to Start a Charter School

Starting a Charter School, authorized by the State Charter School Board, is a lengthy process with several milestones along the way; however, staff is committed to providing support and guidance along the way.

For questions, or for more information, please email Marie Steffensen or call her at 801-538-7990.

Proposal to Charter School Process
How to Start a Charter School
Timeline for 2022-2023 Applicants

Step 1: Attend a MANDATORY New Charter School Orientation
Join us at one of the live sessions
 (See flyer below) .

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Step 2: Submit a Proposal

Currently accepting for: opening school year 2022-2023
All new Charter School proposals are due June 25, 2021


Step 3: Present Proposal to the Utah State Charter School Board 

Opening School Year 2022-2023

Typically, the last week of August.


Step 4: Attend the Post Proposal Boot Camp 

Typically occurs the second week of July

Step 5: Move forward based on official SCSB vote regarding your proposal

  • If invited to apply, complete the Application Process

    • Only schools invited to apply through the proposal process should fill out the full application.

  • If your school is not invited to apply, you may:

    • Continue to work with staff and try again the following year (return to step 1)

    • Seek another authorizer

    • Lend help/support to an existing charter school

    • Choose to no longer pursue starting a charter school

New School Application (Due November 5, 2021)
Only schools invited to apply through the proposal process should fill out the full application
Budget Template

This template is used to complete the Business Section of the full application.

Timeline for 2022-2023 Applicants

Review the timeline to ensure timely submissions at each phase of the application process.


Step 6: Attend Pre-Operational Workshops (in partnership with UAPCS and UCN)

Step 7: Present Full Application to the State Charter School Board
Typically occurs the second Thursday and Friday in January

Step 8: Meet with the SCSB Authorization and Support Specialist to create contractual goals and sign charter agreement

Step 9: Continue to attend Pre-Operational Trainings and Complete Readiness to Open Checklist

Step 10: Hire Director, transition to supportive governing board leadership, enroll students, and enjoy your journey to becoming an innovative, highly accountable, high performing charter school. (SCSB Core Values)

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