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Prospective Charter School Applicants

Your Straightforward 10-Step Plan to Start a Utah Charter School

(with the State Charter School Board as authorizer)

Step 1: Watch Video and Complete First Assignment

Step 2: Submit a Proposal

  • Due Date: June 30.

Step 3: Present Proposal to the State Charter School Board

  • At the August Board Meeting

Step 4: Move forward based on official SCSB vote 

  • Decided at the August Board Meeting

Step 5: Attend the MANDATORY Post Proposal Bootcamp

  • Occurs at the end of August

Step 6: Attend Pre-Operational Workshops

  • Offered August-January

Step 7: Present Full Application to the State Charter School Board

  • At the January Board Meeting

Step 8: Meet with SCSB Staff to finalize charter agreement

  • Occurs in February

Step 9: Continue to attend Pre-Operational Workshops and Complete Readiness to Open Checklist

  • Offered February-August (18 months to opening)

Step 10: Hire Director, transition to supportive governing board leadership, enroll students, and enjoy your journey to becoming and innovative, highly accountable, high performing charter school. (SCSB Core Values)

  • Continues as long as the school is operational

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